Drake's Organic Boxtails

Drake’s Organic Boxtails are pre-mixed organic craft cocktails featuring Drake’s® ultra-premium organic certified vodka and rum. Offered in Watermelon Tini, Mango Punch, Mojito and Blackcherry Limeade. Drake’s Organic Boxtails provide a quick and easy way to enjoy delicious organic cocktails with less waste than canned seltzers.


Drake’s Organic Boxtails are Certified USDA Organic, Gluten Free®, Non-GMO, vegan and kosher.


Each box contains 1.75 liters of pre-mixed organic cocktails with 12% alcohol similar to a standard mixed cocktail. 

1.75 ML

12% ABV

Four flavors:  Watermelon Tini, Mango Punch, Mojito, and Blackcherry Limeade

Estimated retail price:  $19.99

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