Drake's Organic Premium Vodka
80-Proof, 40% ABV


Tasting notes:

Drake’s Ultra Premium Vodka features a clean and polished

nose with subtle, yet inviting hints of citric fruits in the palate

and pleasantly lingering aroma of fresh sugarcane juice in the


Carefully produced with the highest quality USDA Organic Cane

Sugar, hand selected to achieve a unique, smooth flavor

unattainable by grain alcohol and comparable only to spirits

distilled from natural agave-- an excellent example of a

well-crafted vodka with an organic personality.

Bottles Per Case: 12 x 1Liter

Cases per pallet: 48

Cases per layer: 12

Case weight in lbs.: 44

Case Dimensions: 13.38”x10.06”x14.44”

Bottle Dimensions: 14.01”x3.12

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